In the late seventies I escaped the rigors and failures of living in Michigan and moved to San Francisco, CA. There, I formed a three
piece band - an acoustic guitar-based group. We did the supper club circuit since we had no drummer. We performed songs by
Crosby, Stills, Eagles etc. One day, after band rehearsal, I left my lyric book of songs, written and illustrated, on top of my car roof.
Unknowingly, I drove off. When I went back to retreive the book, it was gone. Fifteen years later it showed up in the mail. It had been
found by an artist who finally felt he should return it. I was astounded. Ironically, the fellow who found it was named Dan.
The above painting was done in watercolors called Dr. Martin Dyes. At the time I believed, that when you were young you encountered
many spikes along the way in your life, but as time went on life smoothed out, perhaps with one big obstacle or two ahead.
I'm not sure I believe that now, as it appears that the spikes of life can continue.
However, The Big One in the painting is yet to come.