The Beer Stein

In the 1500s, Germany passed laws that required all food and beverages be covered. This was due to seasonal invasions of swarms of flies to the region and the recent memories of the horrible Black Plague. The result of these two calamities was the invention of a covered beer mug. Fast forward to the 1700s and steins made with different materials began emerging. Stoneware steins gained great popularity up to the 1700s.

Our stoneware beer steins are made with a special "white stoneware" that is a cross between porcelain and regular coarse stoneware. It is a strong, tough fired clay. Our beer stein design is a nod to tradition but without the thumb flipper. The lid, made from hand made stainless steel hinges, swings smoothly and has a stop-rod that keeps the lid open, in a balanced vertical position, for easy handling.

To learn more about this beer stein, click on the beer stein picture.

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